Thursday, 17 December 2020

The Caganer

 I've just been setting out my 60 piece nativity scene as part of our decorations for the festive season. New this year is a serpent and jackal to accompany King Herod - and a  Caganer.

My nephew sent me the Caganer from Spain . I've had one in the shape of a shepherd for ages but this statue is a celebrity - the painter, Manet. Apparently, it is a great honour to be chosen to take on this role and is an old Catalan tradition.

A Caganer symbolises good fortune to the agricultural community and should be placed at the back of a nativity scene to ensue a plentiful harvest in the following year.

I've been using  nativity figures recently in my current painting The Wasp and the Ring' to symbolise the birth of  a grandson. I used the holy family, with angels and  Herod's soldiers to represent the good and evil he will face in the future.

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