Friday, 18 September 2009

Almost a Sandwich Board?

In my efforts to advertise TED CONEYS FAMILY PORTRAITS I have come up with various cunning ideas to implant my 'keyhole' loggo into the minds of the people of Ely and Cambridge. In the back windows of my 1931 Morris Minor (which, ofcourse is an important exhibit, as it has been used in some of the paintings) I have placed my flyers so that when I drive very slowly down the High Street people may see them. I have also placed a poster on my 1940 bicycle so when I travel between Ely and Cambridge (most of the journey is by train so bike is often static) I get the odd quizical look. As the bike has been used for the journeys to inspire my paintings 'Diamond Sutra' and 'Snow Angels and No Angels' it seems an entirely appropriate to use it in this way. And anyway it might be more effective than the internet!

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