Monday, 7 September 2009

A good idea or what?

Caroline from ADEC spoke to me about organising an Arts Auction to raise money for the Babylon Gallery. My first reaction was, of course, that I never sell my work nor give it away.
Then I got to thinking what a good publicity story it would be if I did something and got the story in the local newspaper. I need to remind people I am closing for the winter from mid December and if they want to come to Ted Coney's Family Portraits they had better get here fast.
My current painting 'Snow Angels and No Angels' has 15 individual canvases, each one dedicated to a female member of the family. However, I have one spare canvas left with the imprint of the snow angel already there (I had images of my paintings of the snow angel, the corn dolly and the sand mermaid printed onto smaller canvases, 5 of each) I think I am going to redo a second version of the first painting for my still born daughter FAY, for the auction
Who knows, the advance publicity could also help it be sold for a higher price.
Best Wishes Ted

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