Monday, 5 April 2010

New Pictures on the Walls

I've had to put painting to one side for a bit while I put the finishing touches to getting
Ted Coney's Family Portraits ready for opening, next week. Now the family have gone (after my birthday celebrations) I can reclaim the bedrooms to lay out the various objects which I show alongside the paintings. Simon came on Saturday to put up my latest painting 'Snow Angels and No Angels'. This was quite a feat, as their are 15 canvases and I had to work out how they would fit around the house, on the same sequence and 'journey' as the Eleanor crosses. Hazel helped me to decide, and even though we didn't quite agree, I think we reached a good compromise.
Simon also put up family photos on the 4th wall in the hallway, so it is nearly, but not quite, full. However, this also included a newly framed poster which I screen printed about 25 years ago for the first showing of Ted Coney's Family Portraits, which I did for charity. The entrance charge then was 40p, so I hope visitors now won't feel I've put admission prices up to much!
Best Wishes Ted

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