Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Unveiling

Last night, Colin and Sylvia, my fellow cyclists, came round for the unveiling of my latest painting ' Snow Angels and No Angels '. It was important that Colin and Sylvia were there because it was they who introduced me to the Eleanor Crosses journey and with their skillful map-reading and encouragement got me from Harby (where Queen Elenaor died in 1290) to Westminster Abbey, mostly by bike! As Sylvia had unveiled the last painting which was inspired by a cycle journey (Diamond Sutra), I thought it was Colin's turn. Also, he was alot more patient with me when it came to filming in the rain, while I was laying a flower at each cross! After Colin had made an excellent speech, with a glass of wine in hand, we made a tour of all 15 paintings (he had only unveiled the first two) which are spread around the house.
Visitors are also invited to see the paintings when they make a visit to
Ted Coney's Family Portraits

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