Monday, 10 January 2011

An Exhaustive Search

Now that Ted Coney's Family Portraits has closed for the winter, there are certain jobs I must do before I reopen in April. One of them is getting the Morris Minor through the MOT before the end of January. To that end, I have been trying to track down a new exhaust system since before Christmas. The trouble is no one seems to know what an exhaust system for a 1931 Morris looks like. I had arranged to drive over to meet Ian who has a garage in Witchford (not to far away) and specialises in Morris Minors, but after an exhausting hour trying to get the car started, I had to give up. Hopefully, Ian will come over here on Thursday and we will see if he can help. As it's the cars 80th birthday this year, I want to get as much publicity as possible for the car and the gallery, and this involves driving in it to public places. Will keep you posted on this one!

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