Saturday, 26 March 2011

Flying In and Flying Out

Yesterday, I was able to send off the rejigged flyer and poster to be printed, ready for the new season of Ted Coney's Family Portraits. Paul of Honest Ideas had made the changes to the words and very kindly changed the pictures around within the keyhole loggo to give the whole thing a fresh look. I have changed the strap line from ' Five generations in thirty minutes' (which always slightly niggled - did people think they only got half an hour for their three quid?) to 'Ely's First Pop-up Gallery' which I feel reflects more what I do (it also means we can 'pop- down' if we have something more exciting on!). I also got the Morris Minor safely back yesterday and very splendid it looks. It is all ready for the opening on the 17th April and also to celebrate its 80th birthday in July (but more of that later)

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