Saturday, 11 June 2011

Health and Safety says NO!

As part of my mid term strategy to advertise Ted Coney's Family Portraits I had decided that I would seek some publicity by giving rides in my 80 year old Morris Minor for charity. I have done this for the car's 60th and 70th birthdays and been featured in the Times newspaper and on Anglia News. Ofcourse, then I was still working at Hills Road Sixth Form College and could make use of the quadrangle to drive around. However, I had decided this time, I could drive around the Maltings roundabout as part of the Aquafest celebrations. Anyway I can't!! Health and safety regulations won't allow it even if I have someone walking in front with a red (or is it white?) flag. I think that will make quite a good story for the paper anyway, and watch out for more news on what I plan to do instead. I don't give up that easy!!

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