Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It Must Be Lautrec

The Morris and I have just been in two local papers this week to advertise the annual Aquafest event. Orgionally, I wanted to give rides around the Maltings rounabout for charity, but health and safety regulations thought otherwise. So now I'm doing a 'Guess the female name of the car' competition instead. Ofcourse, it's all to advertise Ted Coney's Family Portraits as well as the fact that I'm doing a painting about the car to celebrate it's 80th birthday this year. With that in mind, I submitted myself to a bit more vulgar publicity by having my photo taken with the car. One photo is quite reasonable with me leaning in a casual poise against the bonnet. In the other, I was persuaded to kneel down infront of the car. Big mistake! With my panama hat on and my legs hidden, I look just like Toulose Lautrec. I guess he was an artist as well............

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