Thursday, 12 April 2012

Singing (and shivering) In The Rain

The other day I took part in a Showcase event to promote Ely on the Market Square. Ofcourse my main focus was to advertise Ted Coney's Family Portraits as it reopens for it's forth season. As usual, I took the Morris Minor as I know it always attracts attention, and dutifully set up my A board and signs beside it. Unfortunately, it was freezing cold which made standing around a bit hard (and annoying after all the lovely weather) and then it began to rain. Although we had quite a few people around, they quickly disapeared once the weather began to turn nasty. Was it worth it?  Only time will tell, but as I am a firm believer that more has to happen on the market square, I would have been a hypoctite not to have been involved.

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