Friday, 27 April 2012

What The Papers Say

Ted Coney's Family Portraits is in the papers again. I needed to create some publicity to let people know I was open again, so decided to feature my new painting 'Another Year' in local  newspaper stories. The Cambridge News photographer came first and was very keen to get a photo in natural light, so we ended up in the kitchen. The final picture shows me holding one of my 'dusk' studies of the Cathedral with my unfinished canvas behind. Helen from the Standard was interested in the models of the Cathedral (if only she knew what anguish they had caused me) and decided to include these in her photo.
You can see the results  on the NEWS AND REVIEWS page of my website.
I was also due a visit from Debbie, the editor of the Ely Standard, who was going to include me in her weekly newsletter. However, she rang at the last minute to cancel, due to other committments. If only she had seen me, minutes before her impending visit, frantically clearing up cat sick she might have wondered why I tried to sound so calm on the phone.

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