Sunday, 2 September 2012

Junior Tours

We've just had our grandchildren staying for a few days and Barnaby, who is four has just begun to notice my paintings. He particulaly wanted to know about the painting that is hanging in his bedroom entitled 'The Puppets Dream' and although I don't usually do a Ted Coney's Family Portraits tour for anyone under eight years old, I did feel duty bound to tell him about it, as well as I could. I explained that Hazel and I had become puppets while the puppets  had become real. This reality had come from an actual dream I'd had of Princess Anne being swallowed by a whale as she was reviewing the Fleet. All was well however, because she soon appears out of it's blowhole, hat intact and still waiving to the assembled crew. With the marvalous acceptance children have, Barnaby said 'Oh, I see' and carried on playing with his toys.

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