Monday, 27 August 2012

Walking Sticks - By Bicycle

One of the last paintings not to have been framed by Jonathan is 'Walking Sticks' and I had intended to get it done when Ted Coney's Family Portraits closed for the winter. However, given that I am going to be artist in residence at Primavera from early December, I shall need some of my finished work to adorn the walls of the gallery before then. As there is only a limited space available, which will only take small or long, thin work, I decided to use these  paintings which depict four family walks I made several years ago. As the colours of each painting is inspired by an object we found on our journey, I have decided to extend that into the frame, changing it from the rather nasty, silver they were before. So the other week, I strapped all four paintings to my bicycle and although they did rather stick out of my basket, I managed to transport them safetly to Cambridge for framing. I didn't mind if the glass got broken, but obviously didn't want to kill anyone (or me, for that matter ) along the way.

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