Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Star Is Born (Or Cobbled Together)

I got a call from Radio Cambridge  to ask  if I could take part in a live interview later that evening in a programme about Stars. Aparently my Morris Minor is now a star having driven through Ely Cathedral on two wheels (well almost). When it's a live broadcast and you are nervous, you find yourself saying the most extroidinary things. At one point I heard myself relating the tale from last sundays opening of Ted Coney's Family Portraits, when I tided away a load of breadrolls, wrapped in polythene, into the oven, before visitors arrived.  Later, we decided that the weather was to bad for a barbaque so Hazel unwittingly switched the oven on. Needless to say we had to scrape the polythene off before we could serve the rolls to our guests later in the evening.
You should be able to hear the interview on my News and Reviews page, once Daniel has set it up, along with a feature from the Hills Road Newsletter about the same event in the Cathedral. And ofcourse you can see all the photos on the facebook page linked to the website.

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