Tuesday, 21 August 2012

If The Boats Come In

I've just been on our family weekend in Sheringham with 22 members coming together. A smaller number this year, but good fun all the same. One of the things we always do is race the model boats (you should be able to see some of the photos on my Facebook page soon) on the victorian boating pond. I still have the boats Leo and Max raced as children, so these are about 30 years old. We bought Poppy one from the same shop last year. As well as the races, I got everyone to put their boats in the water, fairly close together, so I could photograph them. This was for a painting I want to do in the future entitled ' If The Boats Come In' which has a fairly ambiguous theme but will be suggesting that some boats (or people) will always be with us, while others maybe need pulling in, or are they unravelling and slipping away? To this end, Julia has already prepared some identical boats made of wool. Just before I left I also made some sketches of the sides of the boating pond, as I want to compare that with the open seas 

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