Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Just Passing By

I was just passing by - honest! though I know no one will believe me. I had suggested to the town centre team, two years ago that we should fill the vacant shops with art. I had seen it done in other recession sticken cities and thought it a good idea. I was delighted therefore, when I happen to look at one of these shops in Ely to see they had mounted an exhibition of work from Ely College, and very good it was too.
Just as I was admiring the work, up pops a photographer from the Cambridge News and asks if he can take my photo, looking in the window.
'I was really looking for a pretty girl, but you're an artist, so thats even better' he remarked, flatteringly.
Anyway it isn't a very flattering photo (you can see it and read the story on my NEWS AND REVIEWS page, if you really want to) but I guess it's all good publicity for
Ted Coney's Family Portraits and it does describe me as 'Ely Artist'.

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