Friday, 19 October 2012

Fools Gold ?

I  decided to do my  'Puppets and Dolls' tour, when I opened Ted Coney's Family Porraits last weekend. This was for one of my most loyal visitors, who had already been twice before. I knew she would be interested in this one, as she is an artist herself and often weaves interesting stories into her fabric artworks. At the last minute another couple arrived who had not booked and although it was nice to see them, it threw me slightly. One of the paintings on the tour is 'Fools Gold' - a sad tale about some relatives of my mothers, but one which is difficult to tell. As I used the dolls house, which is on display, it seemed a pity not to include it, but more arkward when you are not sure how people will react. Anyway I went for it - they did write 'beautiful storytelling paintings', so hopefully they wern't to shocked.

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