Friday, 12 October 2012

Popping Up And Down

I've been looking at my diary and there are not many Sundays left before I close
Ted Coney's Family Portraits for the winter. Only five infact, though I could also do the odd Saturday as well if anyone asked me. The beauty of being a pop-up gallery is I can be a bit flexible.
My last tour will be on 25th November though and then I will be starting as artist in residence at Primavera Gallery in Magdalene Street, Cambridge on Fridays from 7th December. Still alot to do before I start, but gradually getting organised. My two new canvases have been ordered, my experiments of how I am going to paint them continue and one of my other works ' Walking Sticks ' is being reframed to diplay in the gallery. I am also hoping to get my current work ' Another Year' put on a laptop, so I can show from begining to end, how one of my paintings have been put together (you can see this on my website - nearly finished).

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