Monday, 17 December 2012

Top Secret Santa

I'v always tried to get as much free publicity for Ted Coney's Family Portraits as I could as I knew it was the only way to get visitors coming.  Even when I write to the newspapers, although I care passionately about the issues I am promoting, I also have half an eye on the image of my name as I know it helps to keep it in the public domain (even if its only. 'not that Ted Coney again')

Well,  all that went out of the window when I was asked to play Father Christmas yesterday at a concert in the Maltings! The children took it all so seriously (as did I) that I couldn't possibly use the experience to promote me or the gallery in anyway.
Was I any good? Well, I was just recovering from a nasty cold which has left me a bit deaf. What with the noise from the concert, the heat of the costume and the shy voices of the children, I had to play an old befuddled Father Christmas just to get through it. Someone did say I was the best Santa the'd had, though.

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