Friday, 11 January 2013

No Monty Dom

I've always hated gardening, so it was with some hesitation that I dragged myself into our tiny courtyard garden last Saturday to attack the last of the dead shrubbery which was hanging against our old wall. Hazel has very much taken possession of this space and all I usually do is move pots around under her instructions. However, I would be the first to aknowledge that the garden is very important to the success of Ted Coney's Family Portraits so it does have to look nice, as it is the first thing they see. It is here that visitors hover, while they are waiting for their tour to begin and where I collect the admission charge. Also, they walk through it as they go over to see my 1931 Morris Minor in the garage and back again when they visit my studio at the end. If it is not raining, it is also at the garden table that they sign the visitors book and hopefully, write something encouraging. So as I say, it is pretty important, so maybe I should learn to love gardening more. 

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