Friday, 25 January 2013

What The Papers Say

The other week my comments were on the front page of the local papers, when I likened Ely to living in the Soviet Union! This was in connection with the proposed car parking charges, the District Council want to bring in, inspite of a petition of 9,000 residents who are against it. I was also incenced by a questionaire the Council have put out which just assumes it will introduce the charges, even though the final vote has yet to be taken. This week, there was an angry letter from someone  taking issue with everything I had said. I would have thought that most people would have realised that my comments about the Soviet Union were not to be taken literally, but this person didn't agree. Anyway, it keeps my name in the public eye which is free publicity  for
Ted Coney's Family Portraits - though I think I will keep  my head down for a while now, as I don't want to become a hate figure in Ely!

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