Friday, 1 March 2013


I am now steadily preparing for the next season of Ted Coney's Family Portraits which opens on Sunday 14th April. My last finished painting 'Another Year' has gone off to be framed and another painting 'Walking Sticks' has just been delivered back. This has been reframed to blend in more with each of the four canvases which make up the work. Before, they were all framed with a rather harsh metallic silver, whereas now, each frame picks out one of the main colours in each painting.
 I also took two family photographs to have new mounts put in as they looked rather tatty and full of tiny insects! I replaced the mount with purple card in our wedding frame as, although the photo is black and white, our wedding clothes were purple - well it was the 70s! Visitors see all these family photographs (all six generations of them) when they arrive at the start of their tour.
p.s. Daniel has just posted more of my photos of my latest painting 'Love That Dares' on the website, so you can see how it is progressing.


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