Friday, 22 November 2013

That Ends Well

After a disappointing beginning to the weekend (see my last blog), I rather dreaded as to what might happen next.
However, I had an interesting family who visited Ted Coney's Family Portraits on Sunday. They came from near Croydon, while visiting Bury St Edmunds for the weekend. The wife was a friend of a college friend of mine, whom I hadn't seen for over forty years. Perhaps one day she will visit, too. Anyway, I was able to show them my painting 'Lavender and Dead Bilberries', which is about our wedding  and includes an image of Jean (my old college friend) who was a guest at the wedding all those years ago. 'She hasn't changed a bit' was the reply.
The other thing I was not looking forward to, was the charity auction for ADEC on Sunday evening, in which there were two pieces of my work. One was a small preliminary study on canvas for my painting 'Minglelands', on which I was working  out how to do the gold leaf section, to represent my grandson, Barnaby. The other was a print donated by UKPhotoGallery of a pen and wash study of mine, depicting the Morris Minor.
Luckily, both sold and the auction made £900 to support our local cinema and Babylon Gallery.  Phew!

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