Friday, 15 November 2013

When Will I Be Famous?

Do you remember that old film where Charlie Chaplin invited everyone to a party and spent lots of time getting it ready, and then no one turned up?
Well, I felt a bit like that this morning. Last Friday the tourist office rang me  in great excitement to say that The Times were coming today to research for an article on Ely and
Ted Coney's Family Portraits had been picked as one of the attractions they were interested in featuring.
I spent a good one and a half hours getting everything ready and even had  the spotlights on and film rolling, so that when the reporter arrived at 11am, he could see what a pop-up gallery really was.
I waited (luckily, I kept painting) until after 12pm and finally rang up to see what was happening. The first message back was that they were running late, so I kept going. The second was more disappointing as they had passed me by, as they were now very late.
So in an instance, my chance of national fame and recognition had gone!
This afternoon Nigel came to film the Morris for a video he is making to publicise my prints, on
YouTube. It did attract a lot of interest from  passing visitors, so I suppose I had a bit of fame of sorts, today. 

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