Monday, 9 December 2013

Lucy In The Sky

I am currently planning my next painting 'The Rashamon Effect' and have been getting Tony to help me with effects which are created on the computer. This is  to give the impression that different people are looking at the same view, but viewing it in very different ways.
To represent myself, as a twenty year old youth, I am looking at an image of the living room through a brightly coloured kaleidoscope lens. Having visited the Paul Klee exhibition recently, I was struck by how his very controlled colour modulations had the same feel about them.
I was never on drugs  (honest!) but this shimmering, dazzling effect seems to well symbolise my misspent youth and how optimistically I was everything.
This also reminds me of the song 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' which was around at the time and written by the Beetles when they were reportedly on drugs.
And I had a girlfriend called Lucy.

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