Thursday, 26 December 2013

No Room At The Inn

Our  cottage was once part of The White Swan pub, 300 years ago. Whilst  feeling that it was the perfect location for Ted Coney's Family Portraits, I have always been frustrated that I have been unable to grow the space any bigger, so far.
However, the land at the back of us is up for planning permission, with a view  to be sold for housing, so I have put a bid in for a small strip of it, to build more gallery space. Frustratingly, they've just withdrawn the planning application, as the sellers need to do more searches on the land, so we will just have to wait a bit longer to see what happens.
I have also been exploring opening up the loft for gallery space, as, with it's beamed roof, it would make an exciting place to show pictures. Although the lady from the conservation  department of the Council shared my vision and didn't have a problem with us making changes, the building regulations chap was dead against it, on health and safety grounds. The problem is our open staircase with only one route out of the building, should there be a fire. However, I am going to explore the possibility of an outside staircase, to see if I can get the different departments at the Council to agree.
Another idea was to try and buy a downstairs space from the adjoining house (we already have an upstairs room in there, so not as crazy as it sounds). However this all came to nothing when the house which was in two flats, was sold and made into into a family home . We've just heard this house is up for sale again, so who knows, I might be in with another chance?!

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