Saturday, 27 June 2015

Back Of An Envelope

I really did write my speech on the back of an old  envelope. The occasion was the opening of the Eastern Region's taster exhibition at the Babylon Gallery. I guess they had asked me to open it because I had also been invited to write the introduction to the Open Studio booklet for the event which runs throughout July.
I hope I judged the mood of my speech correctly, as it was a very hot night and there were about 200 people crammed into a small space.
I made the speech very short (hence the envelope) and attempted to be as amusing as possible.
I told them the old story about the first time I did Open Studio and a lady said at the end of her visit 'I really like your curtains!'. A bit demoralising for any artist.
I also recounted the tale of how I stuffed plastic packaged breadrolls  into the oven in an attempt to clear the kitchen before another visit. We then wondered what the strange smell was having switched the oven on hours later, to have supper.
You can now read my Open Studio booklet introduction and all the recent articles surrounding Ted Coney's Family Portraits on the NEWS ANDS REVIEWS page on my website.  

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