Thursday, 11 June 2015

Singing In The Choir

I was there to promote my new Virtual Tour but I hadn't expected to share air time with five jolly ladies from a local gospel choir and the Three Degrees.
Radio Cambridgeshire hosts an Arts programme every Monday afternoon and I had been invited to take part to talk about Ted Coney's Family Portraits. Although the choir and I were both in the building we were told to expect two of the Three Degrees (are they famous, the name rings a bell?) to talk by phone.
Thankfully, no Degrees ever materialised as I was beginning to think that with five talkative women who were there to promote a concert for charity, I would never get a word in edgeways.
Interestingly enough, one of the five was also an actress in Downton Abbey, but she seemed very modest about this and her involvement had to be teased out of her by  Jeremy, the interviewer.
Infact, he was very fair to me and did ask me lots of questions, but I politely declined to sing along with the choir (who turned out to be a lovely bunch ).
Hopefully you will be able to hear the programme from the NEWS AND REVIEWS page on the website, soon.

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