Friday, 8 January 2016

That Man Again

One of my jobs as a volunteer is to keep the 'What's On In Ely' stand filled up with flyers and leaflets at the Station. I started doing this a few years ago so I could promote Ted Coney's Family Portraits by putting my flyers there.
The stand is in the ticket hall and although undercover, the damp makes some of the material (not mine) curl up, sometimes.
The original stand has now been replaced by Ely Perspective (a group who  promotes Ely) with a more enclosed one and it was decided that a photograph should be taken of all those involved, and sent to the newspapers.
It seemed only natural that I should be holding my flyer (with it's distinctive keyhole logo) in the photo and you can see the resulting press story on my NEWS AND REVIEWS page. Our photo was only small when it appeared in the paper, so maybe the press are getting bored of seeing pictures of me?! Well, I was featured rather a lot in 2015.

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