Friday, 22 January 2016

What You Wish For

I always hope I'll get a few interesting Christmas presents which will be useful for
Ted Coney's Family Portraits or to help me with my painting.
This year I got a beautiful miniature set of wooden kitchen utensils from Emily for the dolls house (which appears in the painting 'Fools Gold') and a stamp with Sooty on it from a family friend, (commemorating 60 years of Children's T.V), which I'll display in the Sooty Pyramid ( used in the painting 'Ofrenda').  .
Leo sent me a book on Maori meeting houses for a painting I'm planning, after our visit to New Zealand.
I also mentioned to my brother, David (when he asked me what I wanted) that I'd like him to find me a very small suitcase, as the beginning of a collection of five, to represent five great aunts for another painting I want to start researching for, in the summer.
 I did say, if it proved too difficult, he could always buy me a bottle of wine instead.
I got quite excited when I saw the suitcase shaped parcel under the Christmas Tree. Inside it was a bottle of wine!
However, I did manage to purchased my first suitcase today, from our local Antiques Emporium.

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