Friday, 24 February 2017

Emerging At 73 ?

You often read about a young artist as 'emerging', which suggests they are just starting out but in a promising way.
Is it possible to do the same at my age -73?
I have been painting all my life (mostly work using my family as the subject matter) but until ten years ago I taught Art fulltime so my practise was  on the backburner. It was always important to me though, partly to keep me sane but also as my research into what the boundaries of what painting could be.
In the last ten years I have still taught three days a week but have had more time to develop my pop-up gallery - Ted Coney's Family Portraits and have a retrospective at the Babylon Gallery, a couple of years ago.
I have also had more time and energy to develop my ideas for painting .
In that sense, as I also look for different venues to display my work, I will hopefully be 'emerging' in the next twenty years or so.

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