Thursday, 6 April 2017

Magic and Mayhem

Last week I had my lovely grandchildren to stay, to help celebrate my birthday. After a splendid meal we did a Sooty's Magic Show to the grown-ups. It got a bit out of hand, with Sooty and Sweep bashing each other, but we managed to make most of the tricks work.
I'd kept all the puppets from when I produced a two canvas painting entitled ' Duet ' many years ago.
The first canvas showed a conjurer making  objects disappear (my mother had hired a magician to perform at her 70th birthday party) which I used to demonstrate that my parents were going to move, after living all their lives in the same city.
In the second canvas I portrayed Sooty, Sweep and Soo as my parents and  eldest brother, whom they were moving to be near. I felt they had the same tense relationship as Sooty's manipulators, Harry and Marjorie Corbett and their son Matthew.
Strangely enough, they also lived in the same area of North Yorkshire.

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