Thursday, 20 July 2017

Finding Happy Families

Last Thursday I did three tours of Ted Coney's Family Portraits for twenty three French students and their teachers. It was pretty exhausting as I had to keep it lively and interesting on what turned out to be, a very hot day.
I had already decided to show them a painting of mine from 1982 entitled 'Happy Families' which illustrated the state of play in our family at the time. I had used the card game by the same name  both for stylistic reasons (large heads, small bodies) but also  to show the image a game being played as the subject matter.
Although I had  a pack of the cards at the time, somehow in the move to Ely they got lost. I felt it was important to show them to the French students so they had a better understanding of what I was doing.
I got very blank stares from an assistant when I tried to purchase a new set in W.H. Smith's but I went into Cambridge and finally managed to find some.
I shall enjoy playing the game again when we next meet up with our grandchildren.

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