Thursday, 28 September 2017

Better Late Than

Last Sunday I had two visitors booked, who had seen my virtual tour on the website and were very interested to see my painting 'In Three Our Kingdom' for real. I decided to do the tour entitled 'TIME' for them and promised that this painting would be included.
I got everything ready - which takes about two hours to organise and waited in the garden for them to arrive.
The start time is 2pm and at 2:25pm I had almost given up. In nine years of doing guided tours I had never been let down before. I felt like an actor with no audience.
Finally they arrived full  of apologues as they thought it began at 2:30!
Anyway, the tour went well and they were very appreciative.
They found the work very moving - you can see it for yourself on the PRINTS FOR SALE or as part of the tour(real or virtual)

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