Friday, 22 September 2017

Once Upon A Time

One of the most interesting artists I saw on our travels this summer, was a Kenyan painter called Michael Armitage, whose work we encountered at the Turner Contemporary in Margate.
He told stories, often horrific but very moving, through his paintings.
 I liked his work, partly because he was a terrific painter, but also because of his ability to visualise a story. This is something I also try to do  in my work.
I was explaining to some visitors in my pop-up gallery last week, the story behind my painting
 'Snow Angels and No Angels'. 
Queen Eleanor of Castile died in Harby, Lincolnshire in 1290 and everywhere along the route of her cortege to Westminster Abbey, her grieving husband, Edward 1 had a cross erected to mark her passing.
I followed the same route by bicycle in 2008 and placed a flower on the site of each cross to commemorate/celebrate, fifteen female members of my family. This formed the basis for my picture.
You can see the painting (one image at a time) on the HOME page of my website. If you want to see all fifteen canvases together, go to the PRINTS FOR SALE page and follow the link. 

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