Friday, 24 May 2019

Come Hail, Rain Or Shine

I eagerly accepted the invitation to promote my up-coming Artist in Residence  event in June,  (See the NEWS AND REVIEWS page on my website for  details) at Eel Day, where the Isle of Ely Arts Festival was  to be launched.
I selected some of my preliminary canvases and drawings for the painting I 'll be working on -
'Who Stole The Toothpaste?' to encourage interest.
 I even brought along my new gift cards, displaying a drawing of my 1931 Morris Minor  (the car appears in the  painting) and hoped to make a few sales.
However, I hadn't bargained for the weather. Every few minutes the sky would turn black and down would come the rain and even hail at  times. I had to retreat with my mini display into a tiny gazebo along with about five other people.
So it wasn't a great success, though we did manage to give out quite a few leaflets as people rushed home.

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