Friday, 5 June 2020

Safety First

When I first set up Ted Coney's Family Portraits over ten years ago, I was visited by a health and safety officer from the Council before I was allowed to open to the public .
One of his recommendations was that we  fitted wireless smoke alarms  on both floors of the house and I was happy to do this as it made us feel alot safer.
I was reminded of this the other week when I realised the alarms were out of date and the rechargeable batteries had stopped charging. We have new ones fitted now and  have promised myself to test them every week.
I was always greatful for the H.and S. Officers' other advice. He could have insisted that I had emergency lighting fitted on a rather gloomy landing. When I explained that I never left my visitors to wander around on their own, he recommended that I keep a large torch near at hand.
I always check the battery before each tour.

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