Friday, 28 August 2020

A Movable Feast

 Feasts, meals and last suppers have always been used by artists as interesting subjects for their paintings. My contribution so far is 'In Three Our Kingdom', which you can see on my PRINTS FOR SALE page. It also forms part of my Virtual Tour and both can  be viewed from my website.

We have just got back from our annual holiday in Sheringham and as usual, I was tasked with organising a meal out for 25  Coneys on the Saturday night. Not an easy thing to do in these socially distanced times. A reunion in our usual pub was out as I knew the room would not be big enough for six separated families.

I had arranged  instead for us to have a take-away in the garden of our rented cottage but I kept getting phone calls from anxious members of the family wondering if we might get busted as an illegal rave?

In the end, the pub came up with a splendid solution, to put up a marque in their garden with tables a metre apart. 

 I'm sure there is a painting in there somewhere.


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