Friday, 20 November 2020

Not In My Bubble

 In my next painting I'm trying to decide how to represent the family as individual objects. Previously I'd  invited everyone to choose their own object (see my painting 'Pharaohs and Mortals') so didn't want to repeat that again.

In 'No More Twist', I had shown each person as a character from early 1950s  Children's T.V.( which can be seen on the PRINTS FOR SALE page on my website.)

This time, I was pondering whether to symbolise each person as a coloured pencil - possibly half sharpened with the shavings coiled around.

 However, my latest idea is  bubbles. I like to idea of  translucency and been able to see through (more on that in another blog).  Bubbles equates well to the fragility and transitory nature of life which is one of the themes I want to explore in the painting.

When I was discussing this with my three year old grandson (I need  his help with blowing bubbles) he laughed and said rather perceptively 'Grandpa, I'm to big to fit into a bubble'.

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