Friday, 13 November 2020


 I've been working on my current painting 'Eggheads' every day, recently. No other distractions because of lockdown! The painting depicts we three brothers and our male decedents in each generation.

There are three clown faces - the Whiteface, The Character and the Auguste, and each one represents the genes of a brother and their dependents. 

I 'm now painting over the top of every face with translucent colour to show how each one is different according to their DNA. Ofcourse I'm showing this in a symbolic way.

 Having made a drawing of the clown's face in a right angled mirror, I then take the drawing and place it under the mirror and make another sketch. This is repeated it until I have a drawing for each face which is ever more complex and divided.

Confused? You should try doing it.   

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