Sunday, 26 July 2009

Can a blind man see?

This weekend was the Cultural Olympiad (that's the Olympics for the arts but with no money!) in Ely. This gave us a bit of extra publicity for TED CONEY'S FAMILY PORTRAITS in the local paper and brought a few extra people in. One couple came yesterday and asked if it was suitable for someone who was nearly blind. Reluctantly, I had to say probably not, but wondered afterwards if that was the right approach. I thought I was ready with my new disabled ramp and all but this request through me. Happily, the wife came back today and joined one of the tours, so I hadn't put them off completely. At the end she declared that her husband would enjoy it and they would come again. ' He would like your stories' she declared ' and of course, he would love feeling your car' I had to admit that it is the heady smell of leather and petrol that has kept me in it's thrall all these years

It's a 1931 Morris Minor for those who havn't been yet.

Best Wishes Ted

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