Monday, 7 June 2010

The Great Earth Mother

I also need to report the death of my dear sister-in-law, Kari. She was a lovely person who will be greatly missed. For my brother, David's 50th birthday, I did a painting entitled 'David's Journey' using Muffin the Mule characters to represent each member of the family. For Kari I chose the hippopotamous, although I quickly explained that the hippo was the symbol of the great earth mother and I hoped she would see it as an honour. Ofcourse, Kari had a wicked sense of humour and although she would pretend to be insulted, I knew she didn't give a damn. In my latest painting ' Snow Angels and No Angels' , Kari is represented by a Corn Dolly, another symbol of motherhood , which I hoped she liked better. As a family, I suspect that is what we will miss most, her strong motherly feelings to all of us.

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