Monday, 14 February 2011

The Morris at 8o

I am relieved to report that the Morris Minor passed it's MOT with only a front headlight bulb (which luckily I had) needed. Ofcourse, the brakes needed tightening and the exhaust pipe needed welding but at least I didn't have to hunt around for any spare parts this year. Just as well because the Morris will be 80 in July and I want to use it, to maximise on publicity for
Ted Coney's Family Portraits (especially as I am using it in one of my paintings - see my last blog) - and hopefully make some mony for charity as well. It's first outing will be on Eel Day at the Jubilee Gardens fair. I then hope to do my usual Rides Around the Quad for £1 for charity (which I did on it's 60th and 70th birthdays) Only this time, I am hoping I will be allowed to take people for rides around the Maltings roundabout at Aquafest .

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