Monday, 7 February 2011

It's Simultanaity!

In the last two weeks I've really tried to make some of the decisions about my latest painting 'Dear Reginald Owen'. I've decided it will be made up of six small canvases (I've even bought them, so no going back) with the images going across all of them in a continuous sweep. I had thought I would start with Hollywoodland houses at one end , gradually changing into our house in Great Shelford and the houses we looked at in Bury St Edmunds and finishing with Ely. Over that I intended to lay an image of the inside of my Morris Minor (which is a time machine moving from 1930's Hollywood to the present day). However, an idea stuck me at 6am this morning that may push my idea of simultanaity even more. I have decided to lay three layers of happenings over each other (Hollywoodland, our house-hunting and the Morris Minor) to show that these events are happening at the same time. I actually discovered the Hollywoodland material (which I believe, belonged to a cousin of my mother's who was trying to get into films in the 1930's) while we were house-hunting a few years ago. And the Morris Minor? Well if it's a time machine it can be in several places at once, can't it?

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