Monday, 21 February 2011

Popping - Up All Over The Place

This week I received my copy of the new Ely guide, where I am advertising
Ted Coney's Family Portraits for the first time. In it, I revealed my new strapline 'Ely's first pop-up gallery'. I also rang Paul from Honest Ideas to ask him to change my strapline on the posters and flyers before getting them reprinted ready for the opening. Sadly, the Good News Press who did the origional printing has gone out of business, so I need to find someone else. I will also contact Chris at The Internet Marketing Company to change the news item on my web-site to ' Reopening of Ely's first Pop-Up gallery is Sunday is 17th April. Book now'. The W. I. will also get the pop-up treatment as I have got an ad in their handbook as well.

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