Saturday, 14 January 2012

Artist References

As I tell my students, sometimes another artist's work will give them a direct clue as to how their own work can proceed, while other artist's are just plain inspiring, even though there is nothing obvious that can help them. So it was, when I visited two exhibitions last week in London. The Grayson Perry exhibition reaffirmed my belief that objects can have real power, especially if you have owned them or been aware of them for sometime. This is something that I have often tried to show through my paintings of family life, for instance in my painting '2001' which featured our Morris Minor and other objects we own.
The other exhibition was of the landscape artist, John Martin. His dynamic use of light is giving me lots of ideas of how to paint, 'Another Year' which attempts to show segments of Ely Cathedral both at dawn and dusk. I know it sounds a bit corny but with Martin's help I might be able to pull off something more exciting.

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