Sunday, 8 January 2012

Forever Christmas

I have just opened the last door of my painting 'Limners' and then closed all 37 doors until I restart
Ted Coney's Family Portraits again in April. We open one a day from 1st December. This is because the painting is about the thiry seven days of our Christmas and we have reached the point where it is all over for another year. Or is it? I shall be putting a christmas pudding I found in my stocking, (yes, we all got stockings this year) into the dolls house along with a minature stationary set given by Isobel. Although the dolls house was used for a painting of mine entitled 'Fools Gold' I have since carried on collecting for it, especially items to do with Christmas. This is so that the house appears frozen in time on Christmas Day, with the turkey (and now a christmas pudding!) and presents still not opened, under the tree.

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