Saturday, 11 February 2012

Painting in Reverse

I've been working in the Cathedral again for my new painting, ' Another Year. ' I have decided to do an inner circle (did I tell you the whole painting is a circle?) using the image of the lantern from the inside. Talk about suffering for your art. I practically had to lay on my back to get a decent view of it. Just as
I had nearly finished painting it, a friendly verger appeared and suggested I use their mirror stand to work from, rather than stretching my neck backwards. This seemed a good idea, especially as it had a lower level mirror for disabled visitors who could look through it, while still remaining in their wheelchairs. Soon he trundled the thing towards me, after wheeling it the full length of the building. It was only then that I realised that it would be no good, as the image would be in reverse! Never mind, I need to return again on a sunnier day to do another picture, as I want to capture how the coloured light from the windows bouces off the other side of the structure. Although doing that in reverse might cause me even more problems?!

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