Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Mould Of Time

I try to get any 'house' jobs done while Ted Coney's Family Portraits is closed for the winter. Last week we hopefully, finally, got the mould sorted out in the living room. One of the problems of living in a 300 year old cottage is that wet seeps into the walls and then starts to show. In this case it was hidden partly by the bookcase, but was beginning to creep alarmingly near some of the paintings. The main problem was the paving stones (owned by our neighbours) which  were touching the outside of our wall and causing the rainwater to get trapped there. Luckily, the people next door were very understanding and the stones have now been removed. Ross came to temporaly remove the built in bookcases and I cleaned the wall of mould. I then gave it a quick spray with my white blocker (which miraculously hides all stains) and the job was done. Last year it was the hallway that developed mould, I wonder where it will strike next time? 

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