Friday, 2 March 2012

Fit The Criteria?

I am going to advertise Ted Coney's Family Portraits at a showcase event on Ely market square on  4th April. However, I was very nearly not allowed to take part. I had seen an advert about this event for local traders and businesses who were 'squarrelled away in Ely's sidestreets' (their words) and I thought this fitted my description perfectly. However, when I rang to book a place, I was told quite firmly that I was an attraction, not a shop (which is true) and thus, didn't fit the criteria. When I asked if this really mattered, as I still needed to advertise the reopening of the gallery in a public place, I was told that if they let me take part, all the other attractions would want to also!! I said as politely as I could, that as there were only about four attractions in Ely, I didn't think there would be a mad rush for places.
A couple of phone calls later they confirmed I had a place. My plan is not to use one of their market stalls but to take the Morris and my A board and to hand out flyers from there. Worrying thought. I hope the Morris starts, after all the fuss I've made.

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